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Our company has a dedicated passion for the production of organic vegetables with Globalgap guaranteed certification.

We are located in Marina di Ragusa in southeast Sicily, an area with extensive experience growing vegetables in greenhouses.



Our mission is to produce and marked organic fruits and vegetables with enhanced flavor and wholesomeness, as well as with tastes and colors that respect the environment and the natural cycles of plant growth.



Our products are 100% natural and organically grown, conforming to EC Regulation 834/07, controlled and certified by Ecocert Italy.                                        

100% Naturals

Paniere prodotti

Numerous checks are made to validate and guarantee the quality of our organic products. To promote the ecosystem in the production area, we use bees (Bombi) and other insects to ensure the organoleptic quality, safety, and taste of our foods for the wellness of our customers.


Sono già disponibili le seguenti produzioni di ortaggi: pomodoro cherry, grappolo, pomodoro singolo, ovetto. Per forniture contattaci v

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Sicil Bio production planning for this year is already available. Contact us through our website or call at 0932 714939.

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